Immersion method

침지 방법


Improved compositions and methods for suppressing formation of surface oxides on deposits of metals and metal alloys are provided. A composition substantially comprises one or more phosphoric acids or salts thereof in amounts to suppress formation of oxides on metals and metal alloys. The one or more phosphoric acids include inorganic phosphoric acids or organic phosphoric acids. The organic phosphoric acids include alkylphosphoric acids, hydroxyalkyldiphosphoric acids, hydroxyalkylenephosphoric acids, hexaalkylenediamino-tetra(alkylene-phosphoric) acids, aminotris(alkylene-phosphoric) acids, or phosphorocarboxylic acids. A composition comprises one or more inorganic phosphoric acids or salts thereof, one or more organic phosphoric acids or salts thereof, and water. A method comprises contacting a metal or metal alloy with a composition comprising one or more phosphoric acids or salts thereof to suppress oxidation of the metal or metal alloy.
부식을 억제하기 위한 조성물 및 방법이 개시된다. 금속 및 금속 합금은 금속 및 금속 합금상에 산화물 형성을 방지하는 무기 및 유기산을 함유하는 조성물로 처리된다.




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